Q&A with Mayo Clinic: What are pores and skin tags?

Q&A with Mayo Clinic: What are skin tags?

Expensive Mayo Clinic: I’ve a number of unpleasant pores and skin tags on totally different areas of my physique. As I become older, I discover extra of those pores and skin tags showing out of nowhere. What are pores and skin tags and are they dangerous? Can I do one thing to eliminate them myself, or do I have to see a dermatologist?

Reply: Pores and skin tags are widespread, and as in your case, they’ll develop into extra widespread as folks become older. It’s not identified what causes pores and skin tags, however the excellent news is that they aren’t cancerous and don’t pose every other well being considerations.

The pores and skin tag elimination approach is straightforward and normally efficient. To keep away from pointless well being dangers, pores and skin tag elimination must be carried out below the supervision of a physician. Generally, your eye physician could should take away pores and skin tags close to the eyelid. Persons are not suggested to strive dwelling cures.

Pores and skin tags, additionally known as acrocordons, comfortable fibroids or fibroepithelial polyps, are small, non-cancerous or benign pores and skin growths. They’re normally flesh-colored protrusions of tissue connected to the floor of the pores and skin by a slender stalk. Colour, texture, measurement and width of the bottom can differ.

It could be useful to speak to A Dermatologist Concerning the development to diagnose when you’ve got pores and skin tags or one other pores and skin dysfunction that may mimic the looks of a pores and skin tag. These embody benign circumstances akin to moles, Warts And Seborrheic keratosisAnd likewise malicious Skin cancersincluded Melanomas.

Additionally, in uncommon circumstances, the looks of a number of pores and skin tags could also be an indication of a hormonal or endocrine syndrome, e.g Polycystic ovary syndrome Or acromegaly. Subsequently, medical analysis is all the time really useful earlier than therapy.

Friction can play a job within the improvement of pores and skin tags. Normally, it’s positioned the place the pores and skin rubs in opposition to pores and skin or clothes. Usually, they seem on the neck, below the armpits, and eyelids, in addition to throughout the folds of the physique, akin to below the breasts or within the groin space. In some circumstances, pores and skin tags look like linked to weight problems, and genetic components seem to play a job as effectively. Sadly, there isn’t a approach to scale back the danger of pores and skin tags.

Most pores and skin tags don’t trigger signs, until they’re repeatedly irritated by rubbing in opposition to jewellery, clothes, or different objects. The indicators are innocent, however they won’t go away with out therapy. Causes for therapy embody irritation of the pores and skin tag or in case you do not just like the look of the pores and skin tag.

In some circumstances, after elimination, the pattern could also be submitted to a pathology laboratory to rule out the potential for pores and skin most cancers.

If the analysis is a benign pores and skin tag, therapy consists of eradicating it with sterile surgical scissors; Freezing with liquid nitrogen; Electrical burn, or cauterization. These therapies can usually be accomplished with minimal discomfort. Small polyps are normally simply eliminated with out anesthesia, whereas bigger tumors could require some native anesthesia earlier than they are often eliminated. For a number of marks, making use of a numbing cream earlier than the process could assist. If the pores and skin tag is giant or has a broad base, the physician could resolve that it must be eliminated by surgical excision.

Pores and skin tag elimination just isn’t utterly risk-free. Pores and skin tags may be eliminated instantly within the workplace utilizing surgical scissors or excision, however minor bleeding or native an infection could happen. If frozen or burned, pores and skin tags could require a short while to fall off, and these procedures carry the danger of pores and skin discoloration — darker or lighter — after the process. Generally, repeat therapy is critical if the mark doesn’t fall off or develop again, or if new marks seem in different areas.

When you’re excited about pores and skin tag elimination, discuss to your major well being care supplier about which choice is greatest for you. This situation could also be handled throughout a clinic go to. Or chances are you’ll be referred to a dermatologist for analysis. Easy and efficient therapies can be found. — Jason Slozewicz, MDDermatology, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL

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